1 Gal 303 Protectant

Brands: Firestone Firestone
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1 Gal 303 Protectant

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Sorry, this product can NOT be shipped in freezing temperatures, come back in March.

Sunscreen for Tires

Whether it's human skin, rubber, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass or tires, protection from the harmful effects of the sun and ozone has become increasingly important.

Tires on antique tractors, RVs, boat trailers or classic cars that are parked for extended periods begin to "dry-rot." The tire dries, checks and eventually cracks in part to UV damage.

303 Protectant is not greasy or oily and does not attract dust and dirt like other "rubber protectants".

No other product restores the original appearance or lasts as long as 303 PROTECTANT

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